Welcome to openIMIS

The openIMIS Initiative welcomes implementers with expertise in designing and deploying digital health and social protection systems in a variety of settings. Your expertise and knowledge can help users and scheme operators to get started and to maintain openIMIS to manage their health financing and social protection schemes.

Join the community to meet other implementers, learn from their experiences and work on common goals. Learn about best practices and access expertise, technologies and knowledge on global standards

Why join?

The openIMIS community of practice gives you unrestricted access to expert knowledge on openIMIS, including learning from existing implementations and upcoming releases. In addition, you get access to ready-to-use documents, templates and tools that will simplify your implementation of openIMIS. With access to these resources and the openIMIS tool itself, you can develop effective and efficient proposals for managing health financing and social protection schemes.

By becoming part of the openIMIS community, you join a broad group of partners who help support the expansion of openIMIS globally. In addition to gaining knowledge on openIMIS, the community makes it easy to share your implementation knowledge with a variety of stakeholders around the world.

How do I get started?

As a first step, please read the overview of the openIMIS tool and community of practice presented here. You can also try out the latest openIMIS release on the demo server. A look at the documentation might help you on your test run.

If you like what you see on the demo server, you could consider checking the open source license, to see if the conditions (no license cost) are agreeable for you. You can follow the installation guide to set up your own instance.

If you have any questions regarding the demo or openIMIS in general, or if you want to start exchanging ideas with other experts in the field, please join the openIMIS Implementers Committee. The committee’s key responsibilities are to discuss, showcase and implement openIMIS, to build country capacities and to set up local, regional and global support structures for the openIMIS Initiative.

What support is available?

The openIMIS Initiative does not provide direct support for country-level requirements definition or operational costs of using the openIMIS system. Your organization will need to make the investment or find partners in further advancing the adoption of openIMIS in your system. The openIMIS Catalytic Implementation Fund provides start-up support to implementers and scheme operators interested in exploring the use of openIMIS. 

The Implementation Starter Kit provides useful information, training resources, and tools to get you started with installing and deploying openIMIS in your system. It offers an overview of the requirements of the system and walks you through the learning tools that are available as your organization takes the openIMIS path to digitalizing your business processes.

A wide array of training materials, webinars and other events are available for implementers of openIMIS. For more information, visit the wiki page.

What is an implementer
Implementers are organizations which support scheme operators to install and use openIMIS. They can help to transfer business processes as part of software customization, provide training on use of openIMIS and support the maintenance of the system once it is operational.