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openIMIS Newsletter May 2020

openIMIS Software Release April 2020

There are good news in bad times: despite the major disruptions due to the global pandemic, the Developers Committee managed to wrap up the code changes to the openIMIS software package in time for the April 2020 release. While we were introducing major changes to the framework of the software in the previous release, the current release was used to bring stability and new features to the new architecture. 


 Particularly the package includes:


  • A rewrite of the Health Facility and Location modules with shiny new user interfaces based on Material-UI for beautiful interface design
  • Improvements and bug-fixes of the new software architecture
  • Bug-fixes and performance improvements in the legacy system

Check out the usual links for further information and downloads:


Demo server


Kindly be aware of the Service Desk to report issues that you might experience with this new version.


Module 1 openIMIS training sessions completed

The first openIMIS training sessions which took place in March and April were a success!

Module 1 was completed and covered the following topics:


  • Introduction to Health Financing mechanisms and Insurance processes
  • openIMIS system characteristics and data captured
  • Running demos to showcase processes and features (Part 1- Registers)
  • Running demos to showcase processes and features (Part 2 - Processes)

If you missed a session or would like to repeat the training, you can access the recordings here.


In our upcoming Module 2 sessions, we will cover the following topics:


  • Installation of openIMIS server-side components 
  • Country localization
  • Installation of mobile phone server-side component (REST API) and mobile applications localization

The dates for the training sessions on Module 2 will be announced soon!

CHF Iliyoboreshwa (improved Community Health Funds) goes cashless through mobile phones

In the pursuit of transparent and efficient management of Community Health Funds (iCHF), the Government of Tanzania in collaboration with Health Promotion and System Strengthening project (HPSS) has introduced an electronic payment solution for collection of members’ contributions/premiums. The system allows clients to pay their contributions directly through mobile money transfer.


In a unique approach, the CHF-IMIS [based on the openIMIS Modul] has been integrated with the Governments e-Payment Gateway (GePG), which connects to all telecom providers offering mobile money services in Tanzania, in turn allowing clients to pay their contributions using any mobile service provider of their choice dialling a simple USSD code. Lydia Kwsigabo, CHF Coordinator for Shinyanga region expressed,


“This process has made it much easier for people to join because it has been so transparent for members to request control numbers and directly pay their premium through banking or mobile money transfer. It has made it easier for the public to see that they are not being robbed of their money”.


The solution is now piloted in Shinyanga region whereby all villages in the region have access to this solution. After pilot exercise, the solution is expected to be rolled out in all 26 regions of Tanzania mainland where the implementation of CHF iliyoboreshwa is ongoing.


HPSS is a project implemented by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute that is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) since 2011. As part of the health financing component the project supports the Government of Tanzania in reforming the Community Health Funds in the country. The project in the final phase (Phase III) is supporting the national roll out of the CHF-IMIS which forms the IT backbone for schemes across the country.


(by Mr. Julius Mtemahanji, Communications Officer, Swiss TPH - HPSS project (Dodoma, Tanzania))