April Release 2020 of openIMIS

There is good news in bad times: despite the major disruptions due to the global pandemic, the Developers Committee managed to wrap up the code changes to the openIMIS software package in time for the April 2020 Release. While we introduced major changes to the framework of the software in the previous release, the current release was used to bring stability and new features to the new architecture. 


Particularly the package includes:


  • A rewrite of the Health Facility and Location modules with shiny new user interfaces based on Material-UI for beautiful interface design
  • Improvements and bug-fixes of the new software architecture
  • Bug-fixes and performance improvements in the legacy system

Check out the usual links for further information and downloads:


Demo server




Kindly be aware of the Service Desk to report issues that you might experience with this new version.

We hope that you and your families are staying safe in these troublesome times!